Our Approach

Our mission is to provide ‘ a bridge between home and school’.

We recognise parents / guardians as the childs primary educators and build strong trusting relationships with them to meet their childs individual needs. Well planned play is central to children’s learning and we ensure that your childs experiences are both challenging and fun and that your childs voice is valued. We recognize that from birth all children have a natural instinct to develop. Our practice and high quality resources, ensures that learning areas are met with support to develop and begin to understand their world around them. To accommodate this, we offer skilled personnel who recognize that the childs interest is paramount to their learning, and will use you childs interests to stimulate further learning opportunities helped by the adult intervention. Our ethos is to encourage children to develop at their own pace, practicing & learning basic skills & concepts, thinking creatively, imaginatively and communicating with others as they investigate and problem solve, share toys and develop from solitary to co-operative play.