Our Staff

Magna Minors staff are highly qualified, with a wealth of experience in the fields of childcare and early years education.

The manager responsible to oversee the recruitment of new staff has attended and achieved the Safer Recruitment award from BANES local authority.

Through our stringent recruitment policy, including a rigorous and detailed interview procedure, vetting through the Disclosure and Barring Service, police checks and identity and personal information checks, we ensure that the suitability and competency of staff caring for your child is of the highest calibre.

Under supervision, potential staff are invited to spend a session in the setting, to be assessed to view their natural interactions with children and staff and their ability to plan and implement a simple activity.

Our Business Manager carries out regular supervision sessions and appraisals on all staff which enables us to regularly identify ongoing updates to training needs. We also celebrate achievements which promotes morale and ensures a well trained happy team of professionals.