Magna Minors Covid-19 Return to Nursery/Pre-School Policy

Magna Minors Covid 19 Return to Nursery/Pre-School Policy

This policy has been prepared in accordance with Government Guidelines as detailed below as well as information sent out by Bath & North East Somerset Local Authority. It is a working document and updates will be added as statutory guidance is updated.

All staff must read and sign a copy of this policy and it will be made available to parents.

Parents and carers must follow this policy, as failure to do so may result in their child not being able to attend as these procedures have been put in place to safeguard all children, staff and families attending. 

A risk assessment specific to the Covid-19 outbreak will be completed and all staff will be made aware of and fully understand its content.




Only children who are symptom free or have completed the required isolation period should attend the setting.

In order to prevent cross infection,  the Government has indicated that children should only attend ONE setting at the present time.  Magna Minors is adhering to this guidance.  Should you wish your child to attend more than one setting then unfortunately we will not be able to offer a place at Magna Minors at the moment.

When dropping off or picking up your child we politely request that one parent only is in attendance, and the 2m social distancing strips in the corridor and reception area are observed. If there is a queue in the corridor please wait in your car until a space becomes available.

Please sanitise your and your child’s hands prior to entering the reception area.

Pegs are now provided in the reception area for all children over the age of 2 years. Your child’s key worker will come to the main room door, and meet your child. In order to prevent infection, we politely ask parents not to come into the main room.

Please provide a set of spare clothes in your child’s bag,  as we are unable to supply nursery spare clothes at the moment. Please note that all weather appropriate items,  e.g sun cream,  sunhats,  wellies etc need to be provided and taken home at the end of the session.  The staff will ensure that everything is placed in your child’s bag ready for collection at the end of the session. Please take all clothes and bags home with you at the end of your child’s session.

Parents of babies under the age of 2 will be met at the main room door and handed over to Senior Nursery Nurse in the baby area.  Their bags containing a change of clothes and nappies will be kept in labelled boxes.

New parent’s who are settling in their children will be required to wear a mask and gloves.  Viewings, where possible, will be outside of nursery opening hours.

Children attending nursery will not be permitted to wear facemasks in the Nursery at any time.

Children will use toilets one at a time.  Toilet areas will be cleaned frequently throughout the day in accordance with government guidance


Our children will be organised into age groups. Wherever possible these age groups or “bubbles” will not mix during the day

Care routines including provision of meals, nappy changing and toileting will be within the space allocated to each “bubble” wherever possible

The use of communal internal spaces should be restricted as much as possible

Outdoor spaces will be used by different “bubbles” at different times of the day

Wellbeing and education

Our children will be supported in age appropriate ways to understand the steps they can take to keep themselves safe including regular hand washing and sneezing into a tissue 

Our children will be supported to understand the changes and challenges they may be encountering as a result of Covid-19 and staff will ensure they are aware of children’s attachments and their need for emotional support at this time

Magna Minors Team

Staff will only attend the nursery if they are symptom free, have completed the required isolation period or achieved a negative test result.

Risk assessment with health questionnaires will be operational for returning staff

Consideration has been given to limiting the number of staff in the nursery at any one time to only those required to care for the expected occupancy levels on any given day.

Wherever possible staff should remain with the small group of children, the “bubble” of children who they are allocated to and not come into contact with other groups

Emergency revisions to the EYFS have been implemented which provides some flexibility on ratios and qualifications to make this feasible. The full guidance can be found at

Social distancing must be maintained during breaks. This will be achieved through a range of strategies including the staggering of breaks and subdivision of spaces allocated to team breaks where possible

Staff members should avoid physical contact with each other including handshakes, hugs etc.

All staff members will receive appropriate instruction and training in infection control and the standard operating procedure and risk assessments within which they will be operating


Only parents who are symptom free and or have completed the required isolation periods will be able to drop off or collect their child

Drop off and pick up will be limited to 1 parent per family

Drop off and pick up will be at the nursery entrance.  Parents and visitors will not be permitted to enter the main Nursery building.  Your child’s key worker will collect your child from the nursery door and will bring them to you at the end of their session when you arrive to collect.

When waiting to drop off or collect your child, social distancing should be maintained in the corridor and car park,  and we ask parents not to form clusters at the entrance/walkways.

All communication with the Nursery office/Management should be undertaken remotely e.g via email or telephone.

  • We will temporarily not be providing nursery to home books or daily feedback sheets due to infection control measures.  Daily general information regarding your child’s day will be written on the whiteboard in the reception area.  Please be reassured no sensitive information will be displayed.


Attendance to the setting will be restricted to children and staff as far as practically possible and visitors will not be permitted to the nursery unless essential. Where essential visits are required these will be made outside of the usual nursery operational hours where possible.


Wherever possible staff and parents should travel to the nursery alone, using their own transport

If public transport is necessary, current guidance on the use of public transport must be followed

Please take all buggies/car seats home with you.

Outings from the setting into the local community will be restricted at this time.

Hygiene and Health & Safety

Hand Washing

All children and staff must sanitise their hands upon arrival at the nursery

Children and staff members will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently


An enhanced cleaning schedule will be implemented that includes furniture, surfaces and children’s toys and equipment

Communal area, touch points and hand washing facilities will be cleaned and sanitised regularly

All cups, plates and cutlery used by the children and staff will be sanitised in the dishwasher throughout the day.

Magna Minors will follow the guidance in the Government publication cleaning of non-healthcare settings. This can be found at

Waste disposal

All waste will be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner

Tissues will be immediately disposed of in appropriate bins


All items within the setting requiring laundering must be washed in line with NHS laundry guidelines

Items such as towels, flannels and bedding will not be shared by children

Risk assessment

All activities will be risk assessed and due consideration given to any adaptations to usual practice. It is expected that would include, but not be limited, to the suspension of learning experiences involving materials which are not easily washable such as malleable materials.


Government guidance is that PPE is not required for general use in early years settings to protect against COVID- 19 transmission. PPE should continue to be worn as normal for nappy changing and the administration of first aid


  • Testing for Covid-19 is now available for all nursery staff if they or someone in their household is displaying the symptoms of Covid-19 as in a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough.

Tests must be applied for by booking on the website.

Fire Drills

  • Normal fire drills guidelines apply,  however staff and children should vacate the building and meet at the designated Assembly point within their own groupings and should maintain 2 metre social distancing from the other groups at the point of evacuation as well as whilst at the assembly point.


Where premises have been temporarily closed during the lockdown period or where they may need to temporarily close during future lockdowns appropriate Health & Safety checks will be conducted prior to reopening.

Windows will be kept open where possible to ensure ventilation 


Children will not be permitted to bring items from home into the setting unless absolutely essential for their wellbeing. Where this is the case items will be appropriately cleaned upon arrival 

All resources required for play and learning experiences of children will be regularly washed and/or sterilised

Equipment used by staff such as stationary, computers etc. will be allocated to individual staff members where possible and cleaned regularly

 Supplies Procurement & monitoring

Magna Minors will ensure an adequate supply of essential supplies and contingency plans are in place to minimise the impact of any shortages of supplies. The setting will not be able to operate without essential supplies required for ensuring infection control

A monitoring system for the usage of PPE is essential to ensure that a supply of stock is available to all who require it as and when required to meet the operational needs of the setting. When stocks are low, other options may be considered, such as the use of washable tabards. These items will be washed at a high temperature and separate to any other nursery washing.

 Responding to a suspected case

In the event of a child developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst attending Magna Minors they should be collected as soon as possible (within 1 hour) and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance

Whilst waiting for the child to be collected they will be isolated from others in a previously identified room or area.

The staff member responsible for the child during this time will be a staff member from their “bubble”. Suitable PPE will be given to this staff member.

The area should be thoroughly cleaned, immediately if the area cannot be left unvisited, and if the area can be left unvisited then cleaned after 72 hours

The person responsible for cleaning the area will wear appropriate PPE

In the event of a staff member developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst working at the nursery, they will return home immediately and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance

Magna Minors will follow the Public Health England Guidance for Childcare and Educational Settings in the Management of Covid 19 flow charts.

Further Information & Updates

Further information and updates supporting the re-opening of early years provision will be adhered too, and can be found at :

The critical workers list can be found at:

The definition of vulnerable children can be found at:

19th August 2020