The Early Years Foundation Stage

The governing body, OFSTED, regulates the standards applied to the childcare sector and underpins the framework within Early Years Foundation Stage, regulating practice and enabling environments. This curriculum focuses on the distinct needs of children aged 0 – 5 years through to the end of their reception year in primary school.

Our trained, knowledgeable staff have understanding in how to implement these learning areas with additional in-house and external, on-going training.

Key Features of the curriculum

• Focus on the prime areas of learning

• Continual assessment of your child

• Strengthen partnership between parents and professionals

The Seven Learning Areas

Three prime areas of learning:

• Personal, social and emotional development;

• Communication and language;

• Physical development

Underpinning four specific areas of learning:

• Literacy

• Mathematics

• Expressive arts and design

• Understanding the world

The varied environment and additional surroundings offered, promotes your childs confidence to explore, challenge, risk assess, create and communicate.

• We are committed to treat your child as an individual, to cater for their needs, build upon their previous experiences and understanding of the world around them

• Areas of learning and development are met through planned, purposeful play and a mix of both adult and child-initiated activities.

• Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence to explore, problem solve and shape effective relationships with others.

• We encourage children to feel confident in the knowledge that their opinions, feelings and efforts are listened to and valued.

• An essential part in a childs learning journey is to know that they can trust the adults around them to observe and recognise their needs and understand their emotional development..

• Athough the EYFS is organised into specific areas of learning, one particular experience may encompass and develop several skills, competences and experiences across all learning areas, giving your child a fun element to learning at this early stage of life.

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